We are an innovative group of people who wanted to take the quality and passion of New Zealand dairy farmers and create products that would be showcased to the world. WNS Group owns & operates Wdairies, Wbrands & Wbeverages.

New Zealand is already the world leader in dairy, and our country has the best environment for our dairy cattle. They get to graze all year round, and our individually sourced farms make sure there are no chemical or hormonal additives being fed to their cattle, which means you don’t get it in our milk.

WNS collaborates with local farmers & producers directly, visiting each farm & business and getting to know both client and customer. We have developed a unique and economically viable solution to help the local community and supply niche markets. We’re bringing the goodness of New Zealand to the worldwide market with our range of brands that cover beverages, long-life dairy, fresh milk, milk powder & more.

To not only deliver the nutritional goodness & taste but also spread the sense of spirit & energy of New Zealand products to the rest of the world.

> To raise awareness and value through the spirit of innovation.

> To embrace not only the nutritional value of New Zealand products, but the sense & connection to the source.

> To create a bridge between the raw purity of New Zealand, and the modern urban world with cutting edge technology.

From the pristine natural environment of New Zealand to the homes of consumers all over the world; the WNS Group with its head office in Auckland has been providing innovative dairy-based nutrition products since 2008.

The New Zealand Food Innovation Network is a collaborative research and development organisation, which has a strong food & beverage research team & is a large part of our support. Supported by the Government, they specifically support the New Zealand local FMCG products, providing R&D and resources support from their laboratories at Massey University (Palmerston North) and Lincoln University (Canterbury).

DSM is one of our ingredient suppliers, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials. DSM is striving to create environmental progress and social advances, and uses its competent system setup with over 25,000 employees worldwide.

Zymus are product formulators providing innovative solutions for the food and beverage industry in New Zealand and Australia.  It is the culmination of two successful and driven teams that have been operating since the 80’s, currently led by Maria Dagger.

Dow Design is our brand and design partner as New Zealand’s leading consumer packaged goods design company, Dow has created world class brands that are from New Zealand but are sold in over 60 countries around the world.


WNS is very proud to be supported by our partners and will continuously seek to create lasting partnerships with like-minded companies.


While our head office and products all originate in New Zealand, we sell to the world. We play a part in representing the premium dairy industry to the world on behalf of New Zealand farmers & co-ops.


The Wairua Farm is one of our main suppliers of raw milk. They have an 825ha property in the Maraekakaho district west of Hastings. The Hastings region is well known for producing top-quality premium milk all year round, and we are proud to be able to source our products from such a fine property. Their soil is fertile, the taste is wholesome, and the whole region is rich in nutrients which get fed to both cattle, and therefore people, as it is passed through their milk.