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Finalist – Asia Food Innovation Awards 2018


WNS is here again, this time representing our slice of the Pacific in the Asia Food Innovation Awards, 2018. The results were released in Singapore, and are [...]

Finalist – Asia Food Innovation Awards 20182018-09-10T23:05:37+12:00

Finalist – New Zealand Food Awards 2018


WNS is making waves around the world, and right here in New Zealand. We are proud to work alongside our local supermarket brands, such as Countdown, New [...]

Finalist – New Zealand Food Awards 20182018-09-10T23:05:54+12:00

Finalist – International Beverage Awards 2018


WNS is focusing on innovation, enthusiasm, health and proactive thinking - we have been named as finalists in the 2018 International Beverage Awards, held this year in [...]

Finalist – International Beverage Awards 20182018-09-10T23:06:12+12:00

Finalists – World Dairy Innovation 2018


WNS is ecstatic to share that we are once again, finalists in the World Dairy Innovation Awards, this time of 2018. The awards are designed to celebrate [...]

Finalists – World Dairy Innovation 20182018-09-10T23:06:28+12:00

Supporting Locals


Why we buy WDOM. Our little country has done so well for itself economically, and yet, a lot of the things our country was built on [...]

Supporting Locals2018-04-05T23:19:49+12:00

Dermatitis Woes


Dermatitis & lactose intolerance. It all starts with just a few little blisters or bubbles that itch. And itch. And itch. At first, I thought I must have [...]

Dermatitis Woes2018-03-21T09:23:06+12:00

Emergency Back Up


Meet your every day Kiwi families. After the Canterbury earthquakes, having emergency bags ready is a must. We were all in shock when the first earthquakes [...]

Emergency Back Up2018-02-28T22:49:12+12:00

Travelling New Zealand


Meet a couple of travelling enthusiasts. Husband Matt & wife Laura have spent the last two years of their retirement travelling the beautiful countryside of New [...]

Travelling New Zealand2018-02-28T22:44:51+12:00

Stag Hunting


Meet Dave. My Dad took me hunting from the age of about 4 years old, so it's always been in the family and in the blood. [...]

Stag Hunting2018-02-28T22:41:41+12:00

Finalist – Best Design Awards 2017


WNS Group has been showcasing our WDOM brand to the local and global markets, to much success! 2017 has been a fantastic year for our brand - WDOM. [...]

Finalist – Best Design Awards 20172018-03-01T09:29:51+12:00
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