WNS is focusing on innovation, enthusiasm, health and proactive thinking – we have been named as finalists in the 2018 International Beverage Awards, held this year in Tokyo, Japan. It is the first year for this award, so competition was both fierce and broad, and we are exuberant to be able to show, once again, that New Zealand and our products can be recognised globally. Our latest products are being praised on the world stage before they even arrive at our shores, recognised from Japan to Poland, and upheld on the international podium.

Best New Beverage Concept:

  • Lactose Free Chocolate Milk

Best New Free-From Drink:

  • Lactose Free Chocolate Milk

Best New Brand:

  • WDOM

It has been an amazing and explosive start for us here at WNS, and we are proud of our companies, products and the talents of those involved in the process. We look forward to sharing these new products with you at your local supermarket very soon.

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