WDOM Brand - Dairy


Elevate the ordinary.

WDOM pronounced [‘dom], Wholesome, Delicious, Original, Marvellous. We are promoting the magic in milk & dairy, and we are transforming ordinary milk products into extraordinary ones, that benefit the mind, body & soul. This is a new frontier for premium dairy in New Zealand. Our brand groups delicious, original, & marvellous under being wholesome, because there is no benefit to a product, if it is not first wholesome, thus – is DOM.

We are a challenger on the scene in the dairy industry, both vibrant and innovative, we strive to link nutrition to night & day nourishment, which is why one cow is asleep, the other is awake – this symbolises that our products look after you 24 hours a day. Our approach is a new generation of dairy, the next step in taking New Zealand to the world – with products ranging from long-life to fresh, milk powder to flavoured, we are combining the mystical origins of New Zealand with modern technology & demand, and we’re always researching new avenues that will benefit you.

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