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Our Stories – WNS Group
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Supporting Locals

Why we buy WDOM. Our little country has done so well for itself economically, and yet, a lot of the things our country was built on are taken for granted. Our farmers are the backbone of our nation, but they're often marginalised by big corporate giants [...]

Dermatitis Woes

Dermatitis & lactose intolerance. It all starts with just a few little blisters or bubbles that itch. And itch. And itch. At first, I thought I must have been allergic to something, and it would go away. But, that middle finger kept getting itchier, and redder, and angrier. [...]

Emergency Back Up

Meet your every day Kiwi families. After the Canterbury earthquakes, having emergency bags ready is a must. We were all in shock when the first earthquakes hit Christchurch. We were even more shocked that nobody got hurt in the first round. When the second came, and [...]

Travelling New Zealand

Meet a couple of travelling enthusiasts. Husband Matt & wife Laura have spent the last two years of their retirement travelling the beautiful countryside of New Zealand, stopping wherever they like and for as long as they like. "Like many people caught up in the city [...]

Stag Hunting

Meet Dave. My Dad took me hunting from the age of about 4 years old, so it's always been in the family and in the blood. We used to head out on my uncle's forestry block up in the Far North, and spend all night out [...]

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