Meet Dave.

My Dad took me hunting from the age of about 4 years old, so it’s always been in the family and in the blood. We used to head out on my uncle’s forestry block up in the Far North, and spend all night out there waiting for pigs. As I got older, I wanted to explore more of the country, and I managed to go hunting while I did it. One of the most beautiful places I came across was the South Island, and it wasn’t long before a few mates and I got involved in the hunting scene down there with some local farmers… read on below.

Every Christmas, Dave & his family head to the Marlborough Sounds…

When it came time to taking my kids out there, we would make a big trip of it – tents, marshmallows, and stories to boot. Coffee to me in the morning is like beer to me at night – it’s what you need to kickstart the day, and I used to go without or have it black when we went camping. Some friends introduced us to long life milk, which I didn’t really realise was a thing even as a young fella. When I got presented with the Kiwi made version, rather than the Australian one, I figured why not.

It’s great in the sense that I can throw a bottle in the bags with everything else and not have to fuss about chilling it. Crack that open in the morning, ready to go with the coffee from the gas stove or fire, and everyone is sorted and ready to soldier on, whether we’re heading in deeper or heading back home with a stag.

— Dave H.