Why we buy WDOM.

Our little country has done so well for itself economically, and yet, a lot of the things our country was built on are taken for granted. Our farmers are the backbone of our nation, but they’re often marginalised by big corporate giants (I shan’t name names…)

So, quite a few families like us go and buy our milk direct, or we source it through people we know, rather than support the companies making millions but sharing little. When we saw WDOM being advertised, we were surprised and happy to learn more about their history and who they work with… read on below.

We were so happy to see a local company working with a local farm, one on one.

We live in the Central part of the North Island, not too far from where their Wairua farm is located, at least not for us (a husband who was used to driving the length and breadth of the country as a ‘trucky'(sic)). I know the area well, and have even been past the farm. While I am an avid drinker and supporter of fresh-is-best, I was also happy to purchase several bottles at my local supermarket to keep on hand for if we ran out, or if the power went out. I have always kept a few bottles of long-life milk handy, so it was much nicer to know I could buy a brand that I could actually trace back to the farm.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it – it tastes fabulous, boasts better nutritional values than most standard long-life milks, and at the end of the day, it helps keep New Zealand going. Their packaging is cute and fun, and we implore you to pick up a bottle or two next time you’re at your local and try it for yourself.

– Keith & Summer S.