wdom dairy milk

Meet a couple of travelling enthusiasts.

Husband Matt & wife Laura have spent the last two years of their retirement travelling the beautiful countryside of New Zealand, stopping wherever they like and for as long as they like.

“Like many people caught up in the city life, we spent our days commuting back and forth from work, and organising our days around grandchildren and holidays. It had slowly gotten busier and busier, so we hadn’t noticed the fact that we were doing the things we loved, less and less…” read on below.

It all started when they sold their property in 2016…

When Laura and I were younger, we used to go fishing on the weekends, for walks in the afternoon, and visit friends for dinner once or twice a week. We had a bit of an “aha” moment one day, when we realised the last time we had visited Laura’s sister in Wellington had been over 18 months prior, we had sold our boat, and we hadn’t caught up with our children or grandchildren for weeks at a time.

It’s a bit of a common situation when you run your own business, and when we started out, we were sure we could juggle all of it, but it was that little by little that saw our old life slipping away. There was a family funeral, and that was when we cottoned on to how much we were missing out on, and we decided we were financially in a position where we could sell up and actually live off of that and retire a few years early.

No one really believed us at first, but we did it, and we haven’t looked back since. Along the way, we discovered that we liked to camp out quite a ways and explore regions of bush and scenery that you couldn’t see from the road or town. This meant that sometimes, we didn’t see town or a convenience store for days on end, so we were stocking up on long-life milk and other essentials. Through our son and his social media, we discovered the WDOM brand and we were instantly purchasing it by the box as we love supporting local companies, and having local dairy that we could take wherever and whenever, suited us perfectly.

We have been using their products for months now, and happy to say the pantry is still stocked with several bottles at all times, so our tea and coffee is ready to go, no matter how far out we are.

— John & Laura F.